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Information Technology

Wildcat ParentsInformation Technology at Pearl River is dedicated to supporting the needs of the college community.  
To help facilitate this, there are three ways that students can connect with IT personnel 24 hours a day every day: online chat, directly calling or emailing.  
Each method is explained in detail on the Information Technology webpage.  

In regard to technology at Pearl River, there are several key things to note:

  • Office 365 for Students – This is a great cost-saving feature for the student.  Each student at PRCC has the ability to access Microsoft Office.  
  • LYNX – LYNX is an emergency alert system.  While PRCC can send emails to student email accounts about emergencies (such as weather concerns), we are unable to send text messages to a student’s phone unless the student gives us his or her phone number(s).  To do this, the student logs into RiverGuide and clicks the LYNX icon.  
    Sign up for Lynx
    It looks like a cheerleader megaphone because it is meant to symbolize that an important announcement is being made.  This system allows each student to enter multiple phone numbers and email addresses.  If you can walk through this process with your student, have him or her include your contact information as well so that you receive the alert messages.
  • Recommended Devices – It has been proven that most students bring a number of different technological devices with them to college.  The majority of students today have never known a world without computers and the Internet.  These things are an extension of who they are.  If your student will live in campus housing, it is always a good idea to make sure all the devices being brought to college are compatible with the technology situation at Pearl River.  There are specific items that IT recommends as the most compatible with current infrastructure.  Please review the list before purchasing items for your student.  The Wildcat Den, the PRCC Bookstore, stocks these items at comparable prices.