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Applying to PRCC

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Applying to PRCC

Applying to college is a big deal for a new student. It is almost like a rite of passage. This is the time to start your role as supporter. Stepping back is not always an easy move for a parent, but by helping him or her follow these steps, together we will help make this transition easier for everyone.  Make sure the student is the one to complete the application.  Guide him or her.  Answer questions.  Just remember, sometimes, the best way to answer a question is with another question.

Step One Have your student go to Future Students and select the category which applies to him or her.  If your student has graduated high school and took Dual Enrollment classes, then it is time to apply as a New Student.

Step Two The student needs to check his or her email regularly.  While the College will send information through regular mail, email is used to send quick responses.  This information will prove very important in the other steps of this process.

Step Three After completing the application, it is time to make sure Financial Aid is in order.  Even if your student is going to be receiving scholarships and/or your student is not eligible for federal financial aid, the student still needs to complete the FASFA.  This documentation can make your student eligible for additional scholarships.  (In my mind, I’m not clear where the link for financial aid needs to go.)

Step FourRegister for ROAR.  Ready, Orient, Advise, Register.  At ROAR, students will get a crash course in being a PRCC student from both Peer Leaders and Faculty Advisors.  In addition to the fun activities of the day, the student will end the day with a schedule for his or her first semester as a college student.

Step Five Pay attention to dates.  Do not try to tell your student when classes start.  Ask if he or she knows the first day of classes.  If your student knows the date, then it is time to give him or her a bit of praise.  If your student has trouble stating the date, suggest that now is a good time to look over the schedule received at ROAR.  Look at the schedule with your student.  Not all classes have the same start date.  Help him or her take ownership of understanding the schedule.