Financial Aid

Service Scholarships

Service Scholarships at Pearl River Community College provide financial assistance for students who participate in a variety of campus activities and organizations.

How To Apply For Service Scholarships

Contact the appropriate office at Pearl River Community College to apply for specific scholarships.

  • BAND — Marching band (including color guard), concert band, and jazz band scholarships are available. Contact band directors, Mike Bass at or 601-403-1168 or Jerry Pickering at or 601-403-1472, or contact the Department of Fine Arts at 601-403-1438 for audition information and scholarship amounts.
  • STRING OF PEARLS — Dance team scholarships are available. Contact the String of Pearls director, Kara Fleming at, or contact the Department of Fine Arts at 601-403-1438 for audition information and amounts.
  • THEATER — Theater scholarships are available. Contact the theater instructor, Christopher Flynn at or 601-403-1172, or contact the Department of Fine Arts at 601-403-1438 for audition information and amounts.
  • CHEERLEADER — Scholarship is $250 to full tuition per semester. Contact Sarah Smith, Cheerleader Coach at for more information.
  • MASCOT — Scholarship is $250 to full tuition per semester. Contact Sarah Smith, Cheerleader Coach at for more information.
  • POP CHOIR — Scholarship is $400 per semester.  Beginning in the Fall 2019 semester, students may sign up for Pop Choir without an audition, but they MUST audition in order to receive the scholarship. For information about Pop Choir, PRCC Singers and Voices contact LaDona Tyson at or 601-403-1272 or contact the Department of Fine Arts at 601-403-1438.
  • PRCC SINGERS — Scholarship is the value of three-quarters of regular tuition per semester.  Audition is required.
  • VOICES — Scholarship is the value of three-quarters of regular tuition per semester.  Audition is required.
  • ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP — Contact the Head Coach of each respective area of athletics at PRCC regarding scholarship availability.
  • STUDENT ATHLETIC TRAINING - The Athletic Training Profession is a rapidly growing profession in a variety of environments which include:  secondary schools, law enforcement, industries, and the military.  At Pearl River Community College, student athletic trainers assist Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) in every aspect of their jobs.  Athletic Trainers are highly educated and skilled professionals that provide care to the physically active.  ATC’s specialize in the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses that occur to athletes on a daily basis. Student Athletic Trainers are eligible for scholarships up to full tuition depending upon the student athletic trainer’s workability and work ethic.  The athletic training scholarship will not cover room and board and/or books and supplies.  Scholarships are currently available during the fall and spring semesters with the possibility of receiving one during the summer if funds are available. Call 601-403-1372 or click here for more information and online application.
  • VISUAL ART — Contact PRCC Fine Arts Department at 601-403-1438.
  • RECRUITMENT TEAM/RIVER NAVIGATORS— Are you interested in being a campus leader? Apply to become a River Navigator at PRCC! River Navigators serve as the student recruitment team and represent PRCC to future Wildcats and their families. River Navigators provide campus tours, assist with recruitment and school events, participate in community service projects and serve as hosts to a variety of groups who visit our campus. To apply to be a River Navigator, please complete the application located in Wildcat Web. To be considered for an interview, students must complete the online application along with submitting the other required documents to The Office of Recruitment will contact students selected for interviews in late May or early June. Students chosen to be River Navigators will participate in a training session during the summer and will be enrolled in a 1-hour college course. River Navigators will also earn a $500 scholarship each semester that they participate in. For more information regarding this scholarship, please contact Mrs. Kari Eve Valence at or call 602-403-1198. 
  • STUDENT GOVERNMENT — Awarded to the elected Student Government Officers. The scholarship for the President is $1625 per semester. Scholarships for the Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer are $500 per semester. (Freshman and Sophomore class officers are not included in this scholarship award.) 
  • HOUSING (RESIDENT ASSISTANT) — Scholarship is the value of room and board per semester. An application for Resident Assistant may be found here.
  • MEDIA/FILM ATHLETICS (PRCC Marketing & Communications) - The primary role of the Media/Film Athletics Student Interns is to assist with the live streaming of PRCC Athletic events as camera operators. Student Interns also assist as producers of the live stream events and with photographing (photographers must have previous athletic photography experience) athletic and non-athletic PRCC events. The majority of work hours will take place during afternoons, evenings, and nights. There will be some required weekend events too. The scholarship value is up to $1,000 per semester. Contact Richard Gleber for more information at Click here to apply!


All policies listed below are as of the 2022-2023 school year.

General Requirements

  • Scholarship eligibility is limited to a maximum of four consecutive semesters (fall/spring terms).  Exceptions to service scholarships for additional semesters may be allowed for programs of study that require more than four full-time semesters for completion.
  • Students forfeit scholarship eligibility if they cease to be enrolled at PRCC for any reason.
  • Scholarships will only be paid during regular fall and spring semesters. Scholarships may be paid during a summer term if the program is a one-year certificate program that requires a summer term enrollment to complete the program.
  • A student is permitted to receive only one Academic or Career/Technical scholarship at PRCC.  Multiple institutional academic scholarships cannot be stacked but can be combined with service and Development Foundation scholarships.

Academic Policy Requirements to Maintain Eligibility

  • Service scholarship recipients are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA each semester at PRCC.
  • Institutional scholarship (academic and service) recipients will be allowed one probationary semester if the GPA is below the the minimum requirement for any semester or if the student does not pass at least 15 credit hours.
  • If the student is not in compliance with the scholarship policy for a second semester, the student will no longer be eligible to receive the scholarship.  There is no appeal process for scholarship suspension.

Additional Policy Requirements

  • All institutional scholarships are applied to direct charges only (tuition, fees, room and board, and required educational supplies).
  • Students do not receive cash refunds from service scholarships.
  • Recipients with a credit balance on an institutional scholarship after assessment of institutional charges are able to utilize the credit at the bookstore for allowable educational supplies (textbooks, workbooks, etc.) for the student only.
  • All institutional scholarships will be subject to proration to stay within the student's total cost of attendance budget.
  • Service scholarships (with the exception of athletic scholarships and resident assistant scholarships) will not exceed the cost of full tuition.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), as federal funding can affect scholarship eligibility.


Updated 5/16/22