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Social Media


The Director of Communications and Marketing or other individual(s) designated by the President shall review and approve all social media sites.

Pearl River Community College (PRCC) maintains a presence through some of the most popular social media networks and other online services such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flicker, LinkedIn and YouTube. Social media platforms may be created to inform and connect PRCC students and employees with the sites and other online communities. Questions or complaints regarding PRCC Social Media can be directed to

Should an employee or a student group want to create and maintain a social media network that will be affiliated with the College, the Communications and Marketing Department should be notified. The Communications and Marketing Department may be reached by the online marketing request form or by phone at 601-403-1312. The College does not take responsibility for pages developed by others. Pages representing PRCC inactive after one year are subject to removal from the prospective social media network by the Communications and Marketing Department. Disclaimer: While PRCC welcomes all responses, comments will be monitored and may be deleted if the comments contain profanity, hate speech, spam, advertisements or political speech/endorsements.

Persons contributing to the Pearl River Community College sites will follow the established employee and student guidelines located in the PRCC Faculty Handbook and the PRCC Student Handbook. The Pearl River Community College-affiliated pages or sites oversight is the responsibility of the Communications and Marketing Department. The Social Media Coordinator periodically reviews pages to ensure that the College policies are followed and that pages are being produced in accordance with the best interest of the College.

The Communications and Marketing Department is the primary administrator for the College’s main pages on the official social media sites.  If an employee wants to contribute information or make a suggestion for the College’s pages, he/she should contact the Director of Communications and Marketing. It is further understood that each PRCC office will have their own internal approval processes to adhere to the guidelines enumerated in the PRCC Faculty Handbook and the PRCC Student Handbook. Employees and students are cautioned that they should have no expectation of privacy while using college equipment or facilities for any purpose, including blogging, commenting or posting on social media.