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Satisfactory Progress

POLICY OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF PEARL RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE Tuesday, November 10, 1992 1 Tuesday, December 7, 1993 Student Affairs, Instruction

Students receiving ANY form of Title IV Financial Assistance (Pell Grant, State Grant, Supplemental Grant, College Work-Study or Student Loan) MUST demonstrate satisfactory progress towards completion of their degree or certificate program.

Qualitative and Quantitative Measure

  1. Satisfactory Progress: Satisfactory progress will be measured according to the following scale:
    Number of Hours Attempted 1 - 18 19 - 36 37 & ABOVE
    Required Cumulative GPA 1.75 1.85 2.0
  2. Incremental Measure: Full-time students receiving Title IV assistance must pass a minimum of six (6) semester hours during any semester in which assistance is received. Students enrolled on a part-time basis must pass 67% of the semester hours attempted. Failure to do so results in suspension of eligibility for financial assistance.

Time Frame

A student has six (6) full-time semesters in which to complete the degree or certificate requirements. The maximum number of allowable semesters for part-time students is adjusted, with the calculation based on an average full-time load of 15 semester hours. There are no provisions for financial aid beyond the second degree and/or certificate.

Financial Aid Probation: A student is placed on probation if the minimum required cumulative grade point average is not met for one semester. During the probationary semester the student is eligible for assistance.

Financial Aid Suspension: A student is placed on suspension if the minimum required cumulative grade point average is not met for two consecutive semesters or if the incremental measure requirement is not met for a term in which financial assistance is received. Eligibility is re-established when minimum standards on the satisfactory progress scale are met.

  1. Cumulative record: A student's entire instructional record at Pearl River Community College will be evaluated to determine eligibility for financial aid regardless of whether or not the student received aid. Transfer Credits will not be considered.
  2. Remedial Courses: Remedial courses are included in the calculation of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.
  3. Repeated Courses: Repeated courses are counted in the determination of the number of semester hours attempted, but do not affect overall GPA.
  4. Withdrawals: All withdrawals will be counted as hours attempted. A grade of "W" will not affect GPA.
  5. Hours Attempted: The number of hours attempted will be considered the number of hours in which a student is enrolled at the close of late registration.
  6. Reinstatement: Students may re-establish their eligibility for financial aid after they have been suspended by attending Pearl River Community College at their own expense and earning the minimum requirement. Students who were suspended as full-time students must re-establish their eligibility as full-time, and students who were suspended as part-time students must establish their eligibility by enrolling in at least the same number of hours as when suspended.
  7. Appeal: Students who wish to appeal their suspension from financial aid must submit a written request and the Loss of Financial Aid Appeal Form to the Office of Financial Aid. Only exceptional circumstances or an improved academic record will be considered.