Crosby Hall

Guests of Students

POLICY OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF PEARL RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE Tuesday, May 8, 1979 1 Tuesday, December 7, 1993 Student Affairs

Students may have visitors on campus.

The student is held responsible for his/her guests' behavior at all times.

Students may invite guests to visit on campus. The guests are governed by the same rules and regulations as the student host or hostess.

The host or hostess who has a weekend guest will secure a permit from Campus Police before 3:00 p.m. on the day the guest is expected. The student and guest must also follow the visitation procedure within the residence hall. The student must furnish guest with sheets, towels, etc., and pay for his/her meals.

The visitation procedure for all students or guests not assigned to a particular residence hall involves contacting the Head Resident and/or Resident Assistant on duty and leaving a photo identification and personal information with the Head Resident. Students or guests who do not follow this procedure and are found in a residence hall will be charged with trespassing. The guest and host student must report and sign in a visitor to the residence hall personnel.