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Credit by Examination

POLICY OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF PEARL RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE Tuesday, December 7, 1993 1 Wednesday, May 10, 2006 Educational Programs

Pearl River Community College will award credit to students who have satisfactorily completed college level course work by examination.

College Entrance Examination Board (CLEP)

A student who has not earned college-level credit in the subject area may take a CLEP subject-area examination. Credit is awarded to only those students whose scores meet or exceed the national norms. Students are restricted to a maximum of thirty (30) semester hours with not more than six (6) hours of two (2) courses in one subject area.

In order for a student to get credit for a CLEP Examination, the test score must be on file in the admissions office. It is necessary to earn a minimum of fifteen (15) semester hours of college credit, at Pearl River Community College, in the regular college program, before CLEP credit is recorded on the transcript. A letter grade of "Z" will be printed on the student's record indicating a passing grade for a CLEP examination.

A listing of courses that will be accepted at Pearl River Community College through the CLEP examinations is listed in the College Catalog.

Credit by Examination

A student may receive credit for a college course upon passing a comprehensive final examination in the subject. The process is initiated with a student making a written request with the appropriate Vice President. The Vice President may consult with an instructor in the subject area to arrange for a meeting with the student to discuss the level of knowledge and the administration of an examination. The student will register for the course and pay $25 per credit hour. If a student wishes to request credit by examination while enrolled in a regular course of the same subject, the student must make the request before the end of the "drop and add" period of that session. (The fee of $25 per credit hour still applies.) In special cases, the Vice President may choose to delete the charge and payment related to credit by examination.

A qualified faculty member will be asked to develop, administer, and grade the exam. The grade will be pass or fail and based upon "passing" as being equal to a regular letter grade of "C" or better.

The examination should be graded within two weeks of administrating the exam. Upon receiving the grade and completed examination, the Senior Vice President for Instruction/Provost may request a $50 payment for the faculty member. A copy of the completed examination should be retained by the faculty member for one academic year