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Athletic Drug Testing

POLICY OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF PEARL RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE Tuesday, August 14, 1990 3 Tuesday, May 10, 2005 Student Affairs

Pearl River Community College will have a mandatory drug testing program for all student athletes. For purposes of this policy, a student athlete is any student involved in athletic competition, including cheerleaders, athletic trainers, managers, and other support personnel.


  1. To educate the student athlete in the dangers of drug and alcohol use and abuse.
  2. To identify through periodic random testing those athletes who may be involved in drug and alcohol usage and the substances being used.
  3. To recommend and provide permissible confidential treatment for those individuals with drug and drug related problems, including alcohol.
  4. To remove any athletes from the college athletic programs who are unable or unwilling to become and remain drug and alcohol free.

The procedures and guidelines under which the program is operated are:

  1. All athletes will be requested to sign a consent form giving the Pearl River Community College Athletic Department permission to test the athlete.
  2. The Pearl River Community College Athletic Department will conduct a mandatory drug test paid for by the College prior to the first scheduled athletic event. Testing will be repeated throughout the year on an unannounced random basis. A positive result will require follow-up testing at a medical clinic. The athlete must pay for this test.
  3. The test may monitor for evidence of the following controlled substances and their derivatives: amphetamines, anabolic steroids, barbiturates, cocaine (as benzoyl-ecgonine), opiates, phencyclidine, and THC metabolite (marijuana).
  4. A drug education presentation will be made to educate all student athletes to the danger of drug and alcohol abuse.
  5. The results of the test will be made known to the Assistant Vice President of Student Services.
  6. The head coach will have a confidential meeting with any athlete testing positive. The following steps will be taken at this time.
    1. The athlete will be suspended from the team two weeks.
    2. The athlete will be required to undergo follow-up testing and counseling on the dangers and side effects of drug use.
      1. The follow-up testing will be borne by the athlete.
      2. If there is evidence that the athlete continues to use drugs he/she will be dismissed from the team.
    3. If said athlete plans to continue participation in athletics, he/she must agree to be tested for the duration of his/her enrollment at Pearl River Community College.