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Textbooks & Charges


1. PRCC eBooks

If your online class uses an eBook, you will not be required to purchase your textbook through the Bookstore. A fee for the eBook will automatically be charged to your PRCC student account.

2. PRCC Textbooks

In order to receive the correct textbooks for your online class visit https://bookstore.prcc.edu/. All PRCC course books will be listed on the Textbook Center website.

3. MSVCC Textbooks for Pulled in Courses

  1. Print a copy of your Student Profile.
  2. Take the Student Profile to the Textbook Store.
  3. If the class is a class taught by another college, the Textbook Store personnel will order the textbook for you.
  4. Check your purchase to make absolutely certain that the textbook matches the information on your Student Profile.
  5. If you have additional questions, please contact the PRCC Bookstore at 601.403.1361.

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Charges and Fees (per semester):

In-State Students
15 credit hours or more $1,625.00
Less than 15 credit hours $140.00 per credit hour
Out-of-State (OOS) Students
Full-time OOS fee
(plus regular full-time tuition)
Part-time OOS fee
(plus regular part-time tuition)
$240 per credit hour
Virtual Fee (per online course) $40 per online course

*Charges and fees are subject to change from year to year. This charge and fee table is for FY 2022.

*Students that use a Mississippi community college campus proctoring center will not be charged additional fees to complete tests in these facilities. However, students needing to use an off-site, virtual, or out-of-state proctoring facility may be assessed a testing fee as determined by the institution or agency of the proctoring center chosen by the student and approved by the eLearning office at Pearl River Community College.

*Once work is completed in online classes, you are charged. Coursework must be turned in each week, or you will be marked absent. This includes during holidays, like Spring Break and Thanksgiving Break.

There is no refund once a student has completed at least one assignment/activity in the class. If you have any questions or issues regarding your Student Account, contact Laura Chisolm in the Business Office at lchisolm@prcc.edu.