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Why Online Classes

Taking online classes is a popular way for working professionals to have the chance to earn a degree at their own pace. People who take online classes usually are looking for career advancement, career changes, or just want to finish a degree program they started at another college.

Earning a degree from an online college can possibly lead to a promotion and/or salary increase, or prepare you for a new career. Even though classroom learning may be considered more traditional, online classes are beneficial in their own right.

Just a few of the benefits of Online Classes:

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home.
  • Online classes are available 24/7 – any time.
  • Online classes are available anywhere there is internet access
  • Online Instructors are more accessible
  • With Online classes there are no schedule conflicts
  • Save gas money!

There are many advantages of taking online classes. People who enroll in online degree programs are able to manage their time, learn the materials that are presented, and complete assignments on their own schedules. While it might not be for everyone, online classes help many people learn faster, retain more information, and earn a degree which otherwise would not be possible.

Pearl River Community College offers online classes through the Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC). The MSVCC is a consortium composed of all 15 community and junior colleges in the state. Online classes taught by PRCC instructors and approved courses taught by others colleges are part of the PRCC Online Class Offerings for each semester.

This form of instruction is not for every student, and you should carefully consider whether online classes are right for you. An online student should be: self-motivated, responsible, independent, and organized. It is imperative that you have a personal computer at home and you must check your class and email daily.

Be mindful of the fact that once you have completed coursework in your online class, tuition is not refunded.