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Malone Chapel is located in a pastoral setting on the west side of the Poplarville campus, across from the Nursing/Wellness building.

Malone Chapel is available to the student for individual quiet time, for college instructional use, for use by college sanctioned student groups, as well as for private weddings and other approved gatherings.

Malone Chapel is designed to seat approximately 220.  It has a grand piano and organ for use in recitals, meetings and weddings.

The idea leading to a chapel on campus was a result of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001.  After the attack, the students began gathering for prayer around the water tower at the center of the campus.  It was evident that all students would benefit from a place of solitude where they could go when everyday cares and stress began to mount in their lives.  For this reason, a campaign was mounted to raise three-quarter million dollars in private funds to provide a place of refuge.

On the north side of Malone Chapel, the prayer garden offers a place to seek refuge in a beautiful garden setting.  The fountain in the center offers a peaceful alternative to the noise of campus life.

Although designed primarily as a place of solitude, the chapel also offers an ideal setting for special events such as weddings.  It is equipped with a Bride's room and a Groom's area.

Malone Chapel, named in memory of the son of PRCC Alumnus, Sidney Malone, features a wall of gratitude, listing all who contributed to the effort.  It is a small way of saying a heartfelt "Thank You" to each who helped provide this place of quiet refuge.