Crosby Hall

Selection Process

NOTE: Priority in student admission will be given to (1) in-district candidates, (2) out-of-district candidates and (3) out-of-state candidates.

  • Only completed applicant files will be considered for a possible Interview.
    • ACT Score has to be a minimum of 16 (Preferably 18 or higher)
    • Completed file
      • PRCC online Application
      • SUT Application (Survey)
      • Official College transcripts (You are responsible for making sure we have these on file)
      • Official High School Transcipt (if you have less than 9 sch of coursework within SUT Plan of Study)
      • ACT score
    • All applicants will be sent a confirmation e-mail once their application file is complete from SUT Administrative Assistant, Jamie Walley.

Applicants with completed file that meet the requirements (minimum ACT score of 16), and are submitted by the deadline will be pre-ranked using the following equation:

  • ACT score

  • GPA (High school or college GPA)

    • If the applicant has less than 9 sch hrs. that are within the SUT Plan of Study, we will calculate the GPA using High school GPA and SUT Plan of Study coursework (less than 9 sch).

      If college GPA used, it will be calculated using coursework (minimum of 9 sch) that falls within the SUT Plan of Study.

  • Highest ranking applicants may be considered for an interview.
  • Maximum of 60 applicants will be invited to Interview.
  •  Applicants will then be ranked according to ACT score, GPA( used for pre-ranking) and an Interview score. Interviews will be conducted by the Interview Committee that may be composed of PRCC Faculty, representative(s) from clinical affiliates, and a current or former student. Applicants need to be prepared for a professional interview setting.
  •  Applicants need to be prepared for a professional interview setting.

  • Applicants will be notified and final acceptance to the class will depend on meeting criteria to be discussed during a Mandatory Orientation Session. Any student who does not attend the Mandatory Orientation Session may forfeit their slot for the upcoming class.
  • SUT class size is limited to up to 30 (maximum) slots.   Applicants will be ranked and the top 30 ranked applicants will be offered a potential slot in the upcoming class.  The next highest-ranking applicants (up to 10) may be placed on an Alternate List.