Crosby Hall

Orientation Session

Applicant requirements that will be discussed during the Mandatory SUT Orientation Session AFTER being accepted into the SUT Program:

  1. For those applicants offered a position in the upcoming class, specific requirements and deadlines will have to be met or you may lose your position in the class and the open position may then be filled with an Alternate. Students are financially responsible for the following requirements and most of the requirements must be met prior to the beginning of classes.
  2. Due dates, requirements and deadlines will be given and discussed during the SUT Orientation Session.
    Do not begin to obtain any of the following until after the Orientation Session.
    1. Physical Examination
    2. 10 panel Drug Screen with negative results
    3. Cleared Criminal Background Check
    4. Completed DPT Primary Immunizations
    5. HepatitisB immunization series or declination waiver
    6. Flu vaccination within the current flu season/s
    7. COVID vaccination (per Clinical site request)
    8. Tetanus shot within the past 10 years
    9. TB skin test with negative results (if positive results, proof of a cleared chest x-ray) or provide evidence of no TB disease per negative result of T-Spot or Quantiferon Gold blood test
    10. Health Insurance (must remain current and provide proof according to requirements)
    11. Auto Insurance (must remain current and provide proof according to requirements)
    12. CPR-C Healthcare Provider Certification (must remain current)
    13. Valid Driver's License (must remain current)
    14. 2 Professional Letters of Recommendation within the past 3 month
    15. AST membership  (must remain current)
    16. It is mandatory that Program students meet all Clinical affiliate requirements and be eligible to rotate through all Clinical sites at all times. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the SUT Program.
    17. Additional requirements may need to be met at the request of the various clinical sites.
  3. Depending on the number of qualified applicants, some students may be placed on an Alternate list to possibly fill any vacancies. This Alternate list will void on or near the late registration date.
  4. Allied Health Program notes:
    • Surgical Technology students may be randomly selected for a drug screening at any time during the course of the program, and the student will be responsible for all associated costs.
    • Surgical Technology students may be exposed to various blood borne pathogens, infectious diseases, blood and bodily fluids. Universal and Standard Precautions as well as PPE (personal protective equipment) will be covered during the didactic and Clinical portions of the SUT Program.
    • Health Care Criminal History Background Check: Applicants for PRCC Allied Health/Nursing Programs may be required to submit fingerprints for a Criminal Background Check in accordance with Mississippi State Law. This process may be required by Clinical Sites. If any student is found to have a disqualifying event on their background check, they may be prohibited from attending Clinicals and therefore will not meet Clinical criteria and will not be allowed to continue in the Program.