Crosby Hall

Program Fee Information

PRCC SUT Program Student Estimated Fee Sheet (Academic Year: August 2021- July 2022)

(Based on PRCC 2021 Fiscal Year Fee Sheet)

First semester (Fall or Spring)

Tuition (Allied Health Program students)  (in-state)     Includes: Professional Liability Insurance, Background check & 10 Panel Drug Screen (initial program entrance) 2500.00
Registration & Technology Fee 80.00
Parking Permit 20.00
Books** and BoardVItals (digital testing program) 500.00 + 95.00
AST Student Membership 45.00
Maroon Scrubs (x 2 pair)** 100.00
Warm-Up Jacket 30.00
Clinical Shoes** 50.00
HBV vaccine (1st)** 55.00
HBV vaccine (2nd)** 55.00
COVID vaccine varies
Tetanus Shot** 10.00
CPR-C certification (healthcare provider)** 30.00
Flu Vaccination** 30.00
Physical Exam** VARIES
Health Insurance** VARIES
Auto Insurance** VARIES
Approximate Semester Total $3,620.00

Summer Semester     (If August program start, then your graduating semester will be in the summer- and you will have graduation and CST fees included for last semester below)

Tuition* (in state)     $ 200 per semester hour x 8 (SUT course)                $ 200 per semester hour x 11 (SUT courses)     1600.00  or 2200
Registration & Technology Fee 80.00
Books** 200.00
Parking permit 20.00
HBV vaccine (3rd) 55.00
Approximate Semester Total 1955.00   or    2865.00

Last Semester  

Tuition (Allied Health Program students)  (in-state 2500.00
Registration & Technology Fee 80.00
Parking Permit 20.00
Year disk 5.00
Books 200.00
Graduation Pin 20.00
CST Exam 190.00
Flu Vaccination** 30.00
Approximate Semester Total $3065.00

Fees are subject to change without notice
**Estimated fees will vary according to facility, company, etc.
*Out-of-State additional tuition fees per semester

Spring Semester Additional tuition fees $1,199.00
Summer Semester Additional tuition fees $ 800.00
Fall Semester Additional tuition fees $1199.00

NOTE: Due to Clinical requirements, additional fees may occur during the course of the SUT Program.