Surgical Technology

Surgical Technology

Deadline to apply for August start is May 1 @ 4:00 p.m. Deadline to apply for January start is October 1 @ 4:00 p.m.

Minimum ACT: 16 (18 preferred)

Note: The Surgical Technology Program offers an Associate Degree only. The AAS Degree may be obtained utilizing previous academic coursework along with SUT Plan of Study Curriculum, or program students may take academics along with SUT courses. See Plan of Study for details and curriculum. Applicants that are offered a class position will have to meet additional requirements to secure their class position. Contact us if you have any questions. We will schedule an advisement appointment if needed.

Location(s) of Program: Forrest County Campus

Brief Description of Program: A comprehensive program of study in which the student receives an in depth practical knowledge and essential clinical education related to the Operating Room.

Essential Requirements of a person in this career field: May be required to work long hours, weekends and holidays. Ability to stand for long periods, work around unusual sights and smells

Instructor Contact Information for the Program:

Possible Careers in this Program: In addition to the hospital or clinical Operating Room settings, a Surgical Technologists may be employed in Labor & Delivery, Central Sterile Processing departments, Supply/Purchasing, Outpatient Clinic, Surgery facilities, sales representatives for medical product companies as well other career opportunities that may be available.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the Surgical Technology profession will grow 7 percent from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average of all other occupations. Advances in medical technology have made surgery safer, and more operations are being done to treat a variety of illness and injuries.

What a student can expect from a career in this field: Surgical Technologists will become integral members of the surgical team and will work closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, registered nurses, and other surgical personnel delivering patient care before, during, and after surgery.

Possible earnings of jobs in these career field: $ 48,300 per year or an average of $ 23.22 per hour

Mission of Program: The mission of the Surgical Technology Program is to provide students with the general and technical education to function as safe, competent surgical technologists in entry level positions. The program also seeks to foster partnerships with public, private, and government health care facilities and educational institutions in Mississippi. “To prepare competent entry-level surgical technologists in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains.”

Goals of Program: The educational goal of the SUT Program at PRCC is to prepare the student for satisfactory completion of the program, attainment of national certification, and above average competency on skills as stated in the Association of Surgical Technologist’s Standards of Practice-Description of the Surgical Technologist. This goal is accomplished through the stated objectives.