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Dual Enrollment

Q:    What is high school Dual Enrollment?
A:   Dual Enrollment is a program that allows high school students to take college courses. The three options to participate in the Dual Enrollment program is 1.) PRCC approved courses taught on the high school campus, 2.) Online courses taught through PRCC or 3.) at any PRCC campus location. While students may earn college credit for a course while still a high school student, it is the individual high school's decision whether to award high school credit for the college course.

Q:    What are the requirements for Dual Enrollment?
A:    A high school student is eligible for dual enrollment at Pearl River Community College if the student has:

  • Completed a minimum of 14 core high school units (exception: any student who has earned a minimum of 30 on the ACT and has the required GPA and recommendation as described below can participate even if 14 core credits have not been earned)
  • Earned a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale, or better, on all high school courses, as documented on an official  high school transcript
  • Obtained an unconditional written recommendation from their high school principal and/or guidance counselor
  • Scored the appropriate sub-test scores on the English and Mathematics subtests of the ACT test: English (17 or above) and Mathematics(19 or above) Dual Enrollment students must have ACT scores on file with PRCC.

Q:    How does a student enroll in Dual Enrollment classes?
A:   Prior to enrollment, the student must contact his or her high school counselor to submit required paperwork which includes High School Dual Enrollment Admissions application (complete PRCC's HS Dual Enrollment Admissions application online), completed Dual Enrollment Recommendation form, and High School transcript with ACT scores to PRCC Dual Enrollment. For this step, students that participate in homeschool study must contact PRCC Dual Enrollment by email (at for further instructions.

Q:    What are the Dual Enrollment student's responsibilities?
A:    In order for a Dual Enrollmet student to receive credit for a Dual Enrollment class at PRCC, the student must do the following: 1.) Complete the "High School Dual Enrollment" Admissions application and meet Admissions requirements of the institution. 2.) Visit with the high school counselor about the course selection. The counselor must submit all necessary paperwork to PRCC in order to process the request. 3.) Pay all fees associated with the Dual Enrollment classes taken by PRCC.

Q:    How will Dual Enrollment students be notified about their PRCC accounts?
A:    An email will be sent to the email address used on the High School Dual Enrollment Admissions application. The email will include the student's username and password to their PRCC accounts.

Q:    Who advises the high school Dual Enrollment student?
A:    It is the responsibility of the high school to provide proper advisement. Not every student needs to take every available Dual Enrollment course. Counselors and students are encouraged to utilize the Mississippi Articulation and Transfer Tool (MATT) when considering which Dual Enrollment course a student should take.

Q:    How does Dual Enrollment students drop a Dual Enrollment class?
A:    To drop a Dual Enrollment course offered at the high school, the student must contact the high school teacher or counselor to withdraw from the course. If a Dual Enrollment student needs to withdraw from a course taught at the college, students must contact the Dual Enrollment personnel by email at Tuition is not refunded or prorated for any withdrawal that occurs after the student has attended class.

Q:    How can the grade earned at PRCC affect the high school grade?
A:    The grade earned at PRCC will be the grade assigned for dual credit at the high school (if the respective high school awards such credit). The grade shall become a part of the grade point average and affect class ranking.

Q:    When do Dual Enrollment classes take place?
A:    The time and day of the class depends on the type of class. Classes at the high schools are taught during the day as part of the student's regular school day and by a high school teacher who has been approved by the College administration. Online classes follow the format of all courses offered through eLearning, and on-campus classes could potentially be during the day, at night, or on weekends.

Q    How does a high school apply for Dual Enrollment classes?
A    Complete the Request for High School Dual Enrollment Course(s) form and submit completed form by email at It is very important that you submit the information regarding the instructor for the course. If that individual has never taught for PRCC, then his or her transcript will have to be approved before the course is approved.

  1. After the request has been approved, complete and submit the Memorandum of Agreement.
  2. Course Roster for each course
  3. Dual Enrollment Recommendation form for each student.
  4. Official copies of High School transcript with ACT scores noted.
  5. Payment for Dual Enrollment courses is required when submitting course roster and student paperwork by the required deadline. Submit one check/purchase order for $40 per credit hour per student, payable to PRCC.

Q:    How much do high school Dual Enrollment classes cost?
A:    All Academic Dual Enrollment classes are $40 per credit hour.  This covers the tuition, fees, and ebook.

Q:    Who teaches high school Dual Enrollment classes?
A:    Dual Enrollment classes taught at the high school are taught by an instructor who is employed by the local K-12 district. This instructor must be qualified according to the SACSCOC requirements to which PRCC adheres. Regular day classes, night classes, weekend classes, and online classes are taught by an instructor employed by the College.

Q:    What are the high school Dual Enrollment instructor's responsibilities?
A:    Once approved to teach a course, the instructor is the primary contact with the College. From time to time a principal or a counselor may assist in the initial establishment of the course, but the instructor is the person who completes the online enrollment information in GradesFirst and submits grades through RiverGuide and Wildcat Web. Instructor Responsibilities include:

  • Review the End-of-Semester Duty email sent from PRCC Dual Enrollment at the end of each semester.
  • Instruct the course following the objectives in the provided College syllabus.
  • Complete a daily attendance audit in GradesFirst.
  • Submit mid-term grades in Wildcat Web.
  • Submit final grades in Wildcat Web.
  • Submit gradebooks by email in Excel format.

Instructors with further questions may contact PRCC Dual Enrollment at