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Continuing Education Units

CEU: The CEU website is currently being revised and is not available on the PRCC website.  Please contact Ms. Cindy Wells at 601-403-1374 or with any questions.

Q:    What Continuing Education opportunities does PRCC offer?
A:    Currently, Pearl River Community College does not offer any Continuing Education opportunities; however, opportunities are periodically available through Workforce Training.  Contact them at 601-554-4667.

Q:    How are Continuing Education Units (CEUs) processed at PRCC?
A:    Pearl River Community College transcripts the CEUs when a local school district or other approved organization requests approval to host a CEU professional development session. For more information on this process review the Continuing Education website and then call 601-403-1374.

Q:    What is the process to receive approval to host a CEU course?
A:        It is very important that the established procedure be followed in order to host a CEU course.

  1. At least two weeks prior to the date of the course, request approval by completing the CEU Host Request form.
  2. Upon approval of the course, use the provided CEU Transcript Request form to gather the information from each course participant.
  3. Submit the required information at the completion of the course. For more information, review the Continuing Education website.

Q:    How many CEUs can be earned for each hour of the course?
A:    For each hour of the course, a participant is awarded .1 CEUs. A ten-hour course would be worth 1 CEU credit. No PRCC CEU course is approved for less than .5 CEUs.
Q:    What is the difference between CEUs and community education classes?
A:    Continuing Education Units are opportunities for individuals who need the training to retain certification. Community education opportunities are provided to teach people a hobby or to reinforce life-long learning.

Q:    How much does it cost to earn CEUs through PRCC?
A:    There is a flat processing fee of $40 regardless of the number of CEUs that are being earned.